In Touch with Monuments

In Shiu Tau Tsuen and Shiu Mei Tsuen of Kam Tin, unique monuments such as Yi Tai Study Hall, Pin Mo Kiu, Ching Lok Tang Kung Chi, Cheung Chun Yuen and Kam Tin Tree House are clustered together within a few minutes’ walking distance. Some say the Kam Tin Tree House was a study hall with a banyan tree beside. Since the owner of the house left and never returned, the banyan tree grew bigger and bigger and finally completely enveloped the house with its heavy aerial roots and trunks.

Kam Tin Tree House
Address: Pak Wai Tsuen, Kam Tin, Yuen Long (next to Shui Mei Tsuen Playground)
Transport: Take West Rail to Kam Sheung Road Station Exit B, then walk about 25 minutes; or take minibus No. 601 at the Kam Sheung Road Station Exit C to Pak Wai Tsuen.

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