Pat Heung Old Temple
Pat Heung Old Temple, located at Pat Heung Sheung Tsuen, faces the sea while its back is to the mountain. Major repairs were carried out in 1861 and 1887, but the temple stands out with its imposing appearance. A relic in the temple is a bell cast in 1866, while an incense burner is dated l897.

The deities worshipped in Pat Heung old Temple include Kwun Yam (Goddness of Mercy), Hau Wong, Tin Hau, Wah Kwong and Kwan Tai. On special occasions, such as new year's day, the gods' birthday, or when there are social gatherings, the village leaders make a pilgrimage to the temple where they ask for blessings.

Transport: 51 Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower) – Kam Tin
Kam Sheung Road West Rail Station
alight at Kam Tin Road, then walk along a footpath for about 5 minutes to the Temple

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