Yu Kung Tong
Yu Kung Tong is the ancestral hall of the Tangs in Ha Tsuen. The original building was erected between Tung Tau Lei and Sai Tau Lei in the Hung-wu years (1370-80) of the Ming Dynasty in honour of two ancestors of the Ha Tsuen Tangs - Hung-chih and Hung-wai. In 1749, Tang Tso-tai of the 18th generation moved the hall to the present location.

Yu Kung Tong underwent its first major renovation in 1861, and the second one in 1883. The name 'Yu Kung' was adopted to emphasize the principle of brotherly unity among clansmen.

Yu Kung Tong, built in green brick is of high artistic value. The roof is supported by granite columns. On the roof ridge and eaves are figures in dripstone and beautiful lifelike porcelain fish figures. Beams and purlins were sculptured into elegant forms. At each side of the entrance is a drum platform surrounded by iron fences.

Above the middle hall is a wooden tablet inscribed with an imperial edict. A number of procession boards announce the academic and social success of the clansmen. Four characters, 'Shui Yuen Liu Fang', is a reference to the son-in-law of an Imperial prince, one of their forefathers. The spirit tablets of generations of ancestors look down from the altar at the rear hall. Two large characters 'filial piety' and 'brotherhood', inscribed on boards hanging on either side of the central hall, were inscribed after Chu His, a great scholar of moral philosophy in the Sung Dynasty.

Transport: 53 Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower) – Yuen Long (East)
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